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The Job Training Center (JTC) at Lansing Community College prepares individuals for high-demand, local jobs through 8- to 10-week short-term training courses and also provides career training courses in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The center aims to offer classes that can be paid for completely through third-party funding so eligible community members can attend these training courses free of charge.

Featured Courses

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Technical Support Specialist 

This 10-week program provides participants who've successfully completed the course with three certifications to enhance their employability in the IT field.

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Health Careers for ESOL

This 8-week course prepares speakers of other languages for careers in the health field by increasing vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking skills.

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Mission Statement

The Job Training Center strives to prepare community members for in-demand entry-level employment by offering short-term training and career-focused programs necessary for future career success and improved quality of life.


The Job Training Center’s purpose is to support community members that are not able to accommodate the standard community college experience, be it a lack of money, time or stability, but need some education or training to enter into a new career. It is with hope that once the JTC program has been completed, the participant will enter into employment, gain the stability needed, and potentially return to further their education at LCC.


The Job Training Center’s vision is to focus on the unemployed, underemployed, underserved and at-risk populations in our region, and to create programs that will link them to employment opportunities. We will deliver accelerated or compressed programs in high-demand areas, to obtain the job skills necessary for employment. These programs will be designed to align with community funding opportunities and to articulate into our credit degree programs to achieve academic success. These programs will also be designed and supported by local employers allowing for the creation of a direct talent pipeline.

This vision will be achieved by:

  • Offering rapid training in a variety of modalities to fit the needs of the community members. This includes offering formal training with an instructor (both online and in-person), open-entry and open-exit opportunities supported with in-person labs, and allowing for hyflex teaching when reasonable.
  • Aligning English for Speakers of Other Languages training with career programs and “Integrated English” programs, allowing for increased inclusiveness and the removal of barriers to employment and educational opportunities at LCC.
  • Looking towards the future industry needs of the S.L.I.C.E. region and preparing for employment training that will be needed in the coming years.
  • Fostering partnerships with community organizations to provide supportive service, enrollment growth, and opportunities to engage with at-risk populations.

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Job Training Center
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